Salmon Recipe That’s Quick and Easy

salmon recipe

Salmon recipes don’t have to be so complicated. While marinating meat and fish the day before creates some awesome flavors, sometimes you just don’t have the time. That’s why this salmon recipe is really straightforward, simple, and easy to make in about 20 minutes or less. No running around for a million ingredients, either. Click … Read more

Manicotti Recipe That’s Great For Dinner

Manicotti recipe

Manicotti recipes might have a lot of steps, but I’ll be covering each one in detail here. If you decide to follow along with this entire thing, you’ll have a really tasty, wholesome meal that everyone will love. You can find all the ingredients for this at a local grocery store like Aldi or a … Read more

Chicken Salad Recipe That’s Pretty Easy to Make

Chicken salad recipe

Chicken salad recipes are good year-round. The boiling part might not be your thing in the summer, but it won’t heat up the kitchen too much. You’ll mostly be simmering the ingredients, anyway. It’s great if you want a meal with lots of protein and b vitamins that’s also a little lighter. Let’s take a … Read more

Tagliolini Recipe That’s Easy to Make

tagliolini ingredients

Tagliolini is really just a fancy word for fettuccine, if you can believe that. I think saying the other one is actually easier, so it’s probably why people call it that. It’s a flat, ribbon pasta that’s popular in a lot of dishes. This tagliolini recipe that I’m making here is pretty simple. I know … Read more