Mississippi Pot Roast Recipe That’s Wholesome

Mississippi pot roasts work great on a cold night or during the summer. Trust me, I just tested trying it in the summer and it was pretty darn good. Follow this recipe and you’ll have an awesome one in about an hour and a half.

You’ll be able to find all the ingredients for this at your local Aldi or other grocery store. Some red wine goes great with this. As a regular person without a crazy budget, I prefer some finely aged Carlo Rossi or Yellow Tail.

Please don’t hate me for saying I like those wine brands with my dinner.

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What You Need for This Mississippi Pot Roast

What It IsNameWhere to Buy
CookwareInstant PotAmazon
CookwareMeasuring spoonsAmazon
CookwareMedium sized plateAmazon
CookwareButter knifeAmazon
CookwarePyrex measuring cup (liquids)Amazon
CookwareLarge pot or StaubAmazon
CookwareWooden spoonAmazon
CookwareOven mittAmazon
CookwareAluminum foilAmazon
CookwarePotato peelerAmazon
Cookware2 kitchen knives – large and smallAmazon
CookwareCutting boardAmazon
Ingredient2.5 pounds chuck roastStore
Ingredient4 tablespoons butterStore
IngredientSlow cooker savory pot roast seasoningStore
IngredientRanch seasoning (dry mix)Store
IngredientWhole pepperoncini’s Store
IngredientOlive oilStore
IngredientCorn starchStore
Ingredient4 large potatoesStore
IngredientBaby carrotsStore
Ingredient2 large onionsStore
IngredientBroth baseStore
Let’s make a Mississippi pot roast. To kick things off, take your meat out. You don’t need to have the exact same amount as me, but something in the 2.5 to 3 pound range will do the trick.

Next, get your Instant Pot out and plug it in.

Grab your olive oil next.

And your measuring spoons.

measuring spoons for mississippi pot roast

Measure out 2 tablespoons of olive oil and put them in the Instant Pot.

mississippi pot roast recipe

Set the pot to the sauté setting and leave the lid half off or completely off. It’s really dangerous to press “sauté” with the lid closed and locked. Never do that! Also, make sure there’s no water in the pot or it will start exploding out of the pot and splashing on you. I did that. It wasn’t fun.

While that’s starting to heat up, get back to the meat for this Mississippi pot roast. First, grab a medium sized plate.

Take the meat out of the packaging and put it on there.

meat for mississippi pot roast

This meat for the Mississippi pot roast kind of looks like a giant tongue. Anyways, grab a paper towel so you can get as much moisture off of it as you can.

drying the meat for mississippi pot roast

Then, once the pot reads “hot,” throw it in on sauté for 6-8 minutes.

meat for mississippi pot roast

Grab your tongs.


After that amount of time has passed, use the tongs to flip the meat and sauté the other side for 5 minutes for this Mississippi pot roast.

It almost looks like a little animal in there. Flipping it around might be tough at first. My meat was pretty slippery, so it took a few tries.

Mississippi pot roast meat cooking

Once that’s done, hit cancel to turn off the sauté function.

Next, get your butter for this Mississippi pot roast recipe.

butter for Mississippi pot roast recipe

You’ll also need a butter knife so you can spread the butter.

butter knife

Stick 4 tablespoons of butter (usually half the stick – many have the measurements there) and rub the butter on the top of the meat.

The meat should be hot for this Mississippi pot roast, so the butter should melt pretty quickly.

Mississippi pot roast buttering the meat

Once the butter’s all rubbed in, grab your slow cooker savory pot roast seasoning.

seasoning for Mississippi pot roast

You’ll want to sprinkle all of that on the meat for this Mississippi pot roast.

Mississippi pot roast spreading seasoning on it

After that, get the ranch seasoning packet. It might seem weird to put this in there, but it’s actually pretty good.

Ranch seasoning

Sprinkle that on top of the meat, make sure it’s distributed well.

ranch packet

Once all that’s in there, get your jar of whole pepperoncini.

whole pepperoncini

Just throw a few of these in (I used about 8 of them).


Mine were a little shriveled.

pepperoncini for the Mississippi pot roast

Next, get your Pyrex

measuring cup

Fill that up with 3/4 cup of water.

Pour that water into the Instant Pot with everything else.

pouring water in instant pot

Following that, close the lid (and lock it) then press Meat/Stew.

meat for Instant Pot

Lock the lid so it makes a beeping noise for confirmation.

Make sure the vent is set to “Sealing” like in the picture below.

Following that, set a timer for 45 minutes and let that cook. Next, you’ll be getting everything else together. Grab your Pyrex measuring cup again.

Fill that up with 1 cup of water for the next part of this Mississippi pot roast recipe.

water in a pyrex

Grab your broth base so this’ll taste nice and savory.

broth base

You’ll also need your 1 tsp measuring spoon.

Dump 2 teaspoons of that into the water and start mixing it around.

dump 2 teaspoons of broth mix into water

You might need something like a butter knife to really mix it around.

Broth for Mississippi pot roast

That’s what I used when I made this Mississippi pot roast recipe.

stirring broth for Mississippi Pot Roast

After that’s mixed up really well, grab a big pot (I have a Staub).

Staub for Mississippi pot roast

Then, pour the broth into the pot.

broth for Mississippi Pot Roast

Once it’s poured in there, mix it around with the whisk. Don’t worry if there’s a little bit of clumping, but do your best to really mix it all around.

Mississippi Pot Roast

After that, get your cutting board for this Mississippi Pot Roast recipe. It’s veggie time.

cutting board for Mississippi Pot Roast

Cut up your veggies with a big knife.

big knife for Mississippi Pot roast recipe

The first ones we’ll be working on are the onions.

Onion for Mississippi Pot Roast

Get all the skin peeled and the ends cut off.

Once that’s done, throw those in the pot.

onions in pot for Mississippi Pot roast

Next, grab four potatoes.

potatoes for Mississippi pot roast

First, wash each one.

washing potato

Then, grab a potato peeler.

potato peeler for Mississippi pot roast

Peel your potatoes as best you can so there isn’t too much skin left on there. There’s something wrong with my peeler so I eventually just grabbed a kitchen knife to finish the job with.

Once the meat is done cooking, let it naturally vent for 20 minutes. Once that time’s up, move the valve into the venting position and let that Mississippi pot roast meat vent for 20 minutes.


Following that, grab a wooden spoon.

wooden spoon for Mississippi pot roast recipe

Put the pot on medium heat with the potatoes, onions, and broth in there and stir everything periodically.

pot with veggies in it for Mississippi pot roast

Following that, get a big serving plate out.

serving plate

Grab the meat from the slow cooker and the pepperoncini and put that on the serving platter.


Next, press the Sauté button (KEEP THE LID OFF) to start heating up the sauce that’s left in the Instant Pot. You need the lid taken off so it won’t explode.

Take that and measure out 1 tablespoon of corn starch.


Dump that into the sauce in the Instant Pot for this Mississippi Pot Roast and then stir it around.

sauce for mississippi pot roast

Dump that into the sauce in the Instant Pot for this Mississippi Pot Roast and then stir it around.

sauce for mississippi pot roast

Grab any spoon for this part and mix it around as best as possible. It may clump a little bit.

Next, get an oven mitt. Once the sauce is boiling, turn the heat off.

oven mitt

Dump the Instant Pot into the pot with the veggies in it. This Mississippi pot roast will be pretty darn good.

Next, get some aluminum foil. You could’ve done this part before, too, but now works.

aluminum foil for meat

Cover up the meat on the tray to keep the heat in.

cover up the meat

Go and grab your carrots. Wash those in a strainer, too.


Once those are cleaned, get them in the pot for this Mississippi pot roast.

pot of veggies and potatoes

Mix all that around. You may want to turn up the heat, too. While that’s still cooking, chop up a handful of parsley for this Mississippi pot roast so you can mix that in for added flavor.

After that, get that big knife and start chopping the meat.

chopping meat

Chop it up really well so there are a lot of pieces. Once the potatoes/veggies are done cooking, load up the platter with those.

Following that, add the parsley and you’ll be ready to pour the wine and eat!

Mississippi pot roast

Notecard Version of the Mississippi Pot Roast

Mississippi Pot Roast Recipe That's Wholesome

Recipe by BobCourse: DinnerCuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Medium
Prep time


Cooking time






  • 2.5 pounds chuck roast

  • 4 tablespoons butter

  • Slow cooker savory pot roast seasoning

  • Ranch seasoning (dry mix)

  • Whole pepperoncini’s

  • Parsley

  • Olive oil

  • Corn starch

  • 4 large potatoes

  • Baby carrots

  • 2 large onions

  • Broth base


  • Dump 2 tablespoons of olive oil into your Instant Pot and set it to sauté with the lid off. The lid can never be on with sauté on! Once the LED screen reads “Hot,” add put your 2.5 or 3 ounces of meat in there and let it sit for 6-8 minutes.
  • Once the bottom of it is browned, turn it over with a tongs and brown the other side for 5 minutes so it’s even. It may be tough to pick up.
  • After that, press cancel to stop the sauté and spread 4 tablespoons of butter all over the top of the meat. Then, sprinkle the meat with the packet of pot roast seasoning and the packet of ranch mix.
  • Add 8 pepperoncini and 3/4 cup water, seal the lid, turn the valve into the “sealing” position and press the meat/stew button. Set a timer for 45 minutes.
  • While that’s cooking, put 2 tbsp of broth base into 1 cup of water, mixing well. Put that broth in a pot on the stove. Next, cut up the 2 onions and put those in. Wash, peel, and cut up 4 potatoes, putting those in as well.
  • Once the 45 minutes is up, let it vent naturally for 20 minutes. Then, turn the valve to the venting position for another 20 minutes.
  • After that, take the meat out and put it on a serving plate. Then, press sauté (lid off) and once the remaining sauce is boiling, add in 1 tablespoon of corn starch to a cup of water. Dump that into the Instant Pot and mix it around a bit. Then, dump all of that in with the vegetables.
  • Turn up the heat on the veggie/potato pot and keep stirring periodically until the potatoes are ready. Then, spoon all of that out around the meat on the serving plate. Cut up parsley and add that around the edges of the plate. Cut the meat up on the plate and serve.

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