Biscuit Recipe That’s Pretty Easy

biscuit recipe

This biscuit recipe can be thrown together really fast. It’s kind of quick and dirty because I used some knockoff Bisquick from Cub Foods. These go great with lots of different meals like fried chicken or could be eaten alone with some butter and gravy. If you decide to eat way too many biscuits and … Read more

Guacamole Recipe That’s Really Easy

finished guacamole recipe

This guacamole recipe is pretty easy to put together and tastes great. Seriously, it’s really good. This is awesome as a side dish to a meal or just a standalone snack with some chips. Let’s take a look at everything you need to make my guacamole recipe. Click to Skip to Notecard Version What It … Read more

How to Make Rice

picture of rice for how to make rice

How to make rice: everything you need to know here on how to cook up some tasty white rice. I’ll update this periodically with other kinds as I make them. This specific article is going over how to cook long grain white rice. Don’t confuse that with Jasmine rice – they are slightly different. This … Read more