Risotto Recipe That You Can Make This Week

Risotto recipes come in all shapes and sizes. This one is great if you want some well-seasoned, tasty carbs. Making the actual risotto isn’t all that difficult, it’s just coordinating everything at once that can be stressful.

The good news is that I’ll be taking you through this every step of the way!

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What You’ll Need to Make This Risotto Recipe

What It IsNameWhere to Buy
CookwareCutting boardAmazon
CookwareCarrot peelerAmazon
CookwareParchment paperAmazon
CookwareLarge kitchen knife and small oneAmazon
CookwareLarge mixing bowlAmazon
CookwareKitchen towelAmazon
CookwareMini CuisinartAmazon
CookwareCheese graterAmazon
CookwareLarge pot with lidAmazon
CookwareMeasuring cups – various sizes, 1 cup for sureAmazon
CookwareWooden spoonAmazon
CookwareLarge serving dishAmazon
IngredientsItalian dressingStore
IngredientsArborio riceStore
IngredientsChicken brothStore
IngredientsStick of butterStore
IngredientsLarge onionStore
IngredientsTomato pasteStore
IngredientsOlive oil (just a splash)Store
IngredientsLarge block of parmesan cheeseStore
IngredientsWhite wineStore

Let’s start making this risotto recipe. First, grab your Arborio.

arborio rice

Take that and measure out a few cups of it into a large bowl.

pouring out arborio rice

This risotto recipe makes enough for at least a few people.

measuring arborio for risotto recipe

It’ll be at least a few cups, our bowl was nearly full.

Once that’s all taken care of, chop a large onion in half on your cutting board with a big kitchen knife.

cutting onion in half for risotto recipe

You’ll need to get the onion finely chopped up for this risotto recipe. First, remove the skin by hand.

peeling onion for risotto recipe

Then, chop the onion very finely on your cutting board.

chopping onion for risotto recipe

Once that’s taken care of, throw about 2 tablespoons of butter into your pot on the stove with a splash of olive oil (1/2-1 tbsp) and turn it on low-medium heat.

butter melting in pot

While that’s melting, organize your chopped onions for this part of the risotto recipe and scrape them into the pot with the kitchen knife.

dumping onions into pot

Make sure it all gets in there.

onions in pot

Following that, put your pot back on the stove for a minute or two.

Get your block of parmesan cheese and start cutting that open if it’s brand new.

parmesan cheese block

Take the cheese and grate about 1 cup for this risotto recipe.

grating cheese

Once the cheese is grated, set it aside.

Then, grab about a pound of Italian sausage.

ground beef

Take that and grease a skillet on your stove.

greasing a skillet

Throw the sausage in there on medium-high heat.

cooking sausage for risotto recipe

Break it up with your spatula and keep moving it around until it’s done.

browning sausage

In the meantime, measure 1 cup of white wine.

measuring white wine for risotto recipe

Once that’s measured for the risotto recipe, dump it in with the onions/butter/olive oil.

1 cup of white wine for risotto recipe

If your Italian sausage is done cooking, grab the mini food processor. Start putting the cooked Italian sausage in there. We’re going to be grinding it up really well.

filling food processor with Italian sausage for risotto recipe

This is what it should look like once it’s ground up:

ground Italian sausage

After that, put all of the sausage on a dish to use a little bit later in the risotto recipe.

Italian sausage on dish

Then, grab some chicken broth.

chicken broth

In a smaller saucepan, pour in the chicken broth and set it to low-medium heat.

pouring broth into a sauce pan

After that, dump the arborio into the big pot and mix it around with everything in there.

dumping rice for risotto into pot

Then, grab a ladle and start dumping the chicken broth in with the rice mixture.

pouring broth into rice

Once you’ve put in a few splashes of broth, stir it around with the wooden spoon then let it sit a minute.

After that, add a little more broth. At this point, you’ll need to let it simmer about 30 minutes before doing anything else. Stir it frequently.

adding more broth

Once that’s in, put about a tablespoon of tomato paste in, too, along with the sausage and cheese.

Stir everything together really well and let it sit for another minute. Try some with a spoon and see how it tastes. If the arborio is still hard, try letting it cook a bit longer and adding some more broth. When it’s done it should look a bit like this:

risotto recipe cooked

Notecard Version of the Risotto Recipe

Measure 3 cups of arborio rice into a bowl. Measure 1 cup of shredded parmesan cheese (from a block) and set it aside.
Chop up about 1 cup of onion (very finely) and dump it into a large pot on the stove at low heat. Throw in 2 tablespoons of butter and 1 tablespoon of olive oil along with that.
Grab a skillet and cook 1 pound of Italian sausage, breaking it up as you do. Once that’s done, put the sausage in a small food processor and grind it up very finely. Set it aside on a plate.
Measure out 1 cup of white wine and throw that into the butter/onion/olive oil pot. In a separate saucepan, start 3 cups of chicken broth on low-medium heat.
Dump the arborio into the big pot, stirring everything around with a wooden spoon. Start ladling the chicken broth into the big pot. Don’t put all of it in, just enough so it’s covering all the rice. Stir periodically and let simmer for 30 minutes.
Once the time’s up, dump the sausage, cup of parmesan, and tablespoon of tomato paste into the big pot. Stir and allow it to continue to simmer for a few minutes. Grab a spoon and taste some. If the rice is still too hard, let it keep cooking. If the rice is dry, add more broth. Once the rice is soft, you’re ready to eat.

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