Fried Rice Recipe That’s Pretty Simple to Make

Fried Rice Recipes can vary a lot and include a bunch of different ingredients. This one includes a handful of different vegetables along with various seasonings.

Overall, it should be pretty simple for you to make. It might take a while, though, for all the prep work chopping everything. This is best started the previous day so the rice can sit in the fridge overnight. This is an awesome side dish or even a main course that you could have for dinner.

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What You’ll Need to Make This Fried Rice Recipe

What it isNameWhere to buy
CookwareInstant PotAmazon
CookwareWok or large frying panAmazon
CookwareCutting boardAmazon
CookwareKitchen knifeAmazon
CookwareStrainer basketAmazon
Cookware2 or 3 platesAmazon
Cookware1 bowlAmazon
CookwareMeasuring spoonsAmazon
CookwareMeasuring cups (for solids)Amazon
CookwareKitchen scaleAmazon
IngredientWhite or brown rice, 3 cupsStore
Ingredient1 tsp soy sauceStore
Ingredient5 ounces of tofuStore
Ingredient5-6 ounces of canola oilStore
Ingredient3 ounces of bean sproutsStore
Ingredient1 stalk of bok choyStore
Ingredient1 large eggStore
Ingredient1/4 large onion (or a small one)Store
Ingredient2 medium-large carrotsStore
Ingredient6 scallionsStore
Ingredient1 big shallotStore
Ingredient1/2 tsp black pepperStore
Ingredient1/2 tsp saltStore

You can also add things like meat or seafood to this fried rice recipe. I really like chicken or shrimp fried rice myself. Let’s start off this recipe with step 1, getting the rice prepped the night before. I cooked mine with an Instant Pot.

Even though there was way too much pressure in it and I’m pretty sure my kitchen almost blew up, I survived and so can you. Seriously though, be really careful with pressure cookers or this might happen:

Anyways, on to the fried rice recipe. Get some rice, I used brown.

brown rice for fried rice recipe

Get something to cook it with. As I mentioned, I used an Instant Pot.

rice in and instant pot for fried rice recipe

Once that’s done cooking (shouldn’t take too long, either) you’ll need to take it and put it in a container for the fridge.

rice in Tupperware for fried rice recipe

Stick the rice in the fridge overnight and let it get hard. Not so hard that it’s got the consistency of uncooked rice, but ya know, somewhere in the middle.


The next day, it should be ready to go

cutting board for fried rice recipe

Grab a cutting board so you can chop up the tofu. You’ll be using this a lot during the fried rice recipe. Then, grab your tofu.


You might need to drain it like I did.

draining tofu

Just cut a little hole in the wrapper (if it has one) so it can drain for this fried rice recipe.

cutting tofu in fried rice recipe

Throw it on the cutting board and start slicing the tofu up for this fried rice recipe.

cutting tofu

Once you’ve cut it into a few big chunks, cut those chunks again into thinner ones. Then, get your cooking oil.

cooking oil

Grab the measuring spoons, too.

measuring spoons in fried rice recipe

Put 2 or 3 tablespoons of cooking oil (I used canola) in your frying pan.

oiling pan

Set the pan on medium-low heat and put 5 ounces of sliced up tofu in there. Give each side 4-6 minutes to get crispy.

cooking tofu

I know it looks like a bunch of pats of butter, but I promise those are chunks of tofu for this fried rice recipe.

fried tofu in fried rice recipe

As you can see, mine were varied in terms of actually getting done and crispy. Some of them got stuck to the pan and those parts got ripped off when I took them out, so that’s why it looks like some aren’t done at all. Set that plate with them aside for the time being and grab your carrots.


Before cutting them up, make sure to wash them so they aren’t dirty.

washing carrots

Chop them up into pretty small pieces.

chopping carrots for fried rice recipe

You can always use more or less of the veggies in this. Next, get the scallions.

scallions for fried rice recipe

When I said 6 of them, I really meant about 6 of the long green parts, so in my case it was only 4 of them counting the white ends.

chopping scallions

Chop off the white parts and get rid of those.


Then, chop up the green parts into little pieces and throw them in a bowl with the carrots.

bowl of vegetables

Grab your shallots next. I bought a couple of them but realized that I really only needed the bigger one.


Strip all the skin off of them (or just a big one if you only have one of those)

cutting shallots for fried rice recipe

Chop them up.

chopping onions

Throw the chopped-up shallots into the bowl of the other veggies.

bowl of veggies for fried rice recipe

After that, get the kitchen scale to measure out 3 ounces of bean sprouts.

kitchen scale

Also, grab the bean sprouts for this fried rice recipe.

bean sprouts for fried rice recipe

These should be refrigerated before and after.

3 ounces of bean sprouts for fried rice recipe

Measure out 3 ounces of those and then grab a strainer basket.

strainer basket for fried rice recipe

Wash the bean sprouts.

washing bean sprouts for fried rice recipe

Set them on the plate with the tofu.

tofu and bean sprouts on a plate for fried rice recipe

Put that aside, I set mine on the toaster.

fried rice recipe

Next, get your onion. It’s probably better if you use a small one. I only cut off a small part of this one.


Get your knife and cutting board for this fried rice recipe. Cut through the onion and get rid of any gross parts that are black.

cutting an onion for fried rice recipe

Cut off a little bit (if you’re using a big onion), about 1/4.

cutting an onion for fried rice recipe

Yea, I had a lot of onion left over after that. Anyway, finely chop it up into little pieces.

chopped onion for fried rice recipe

Add it to the plate with the bean sprouts and tofu.

onion for fried rice recipe

Set that aside again and grab your bok choy. Again, I probably over-did it with buying as much as I did, but oh well. Cut off one stalk of that.

fried rice recipe

Just cut off one of the stalks and then wash it.

washing bok choy for fried rice recipe

Wash the bok choy. Mine had a lot of dirt and weird looking stuff on it so I wanted to wash it before I started cutting.

fried rice recipe

Take the bok choy and chop the bottom part off. Then, chop the leaf part off, too, so you can cut that up separately.

chopping bok choy for fried rice recipe

Next, throw your bok choy into the bowl.

bok choy for fried rice recipe

Then, cut up the leaves and throw those in the bowl, too.

bok choy leaves for fried rice recipe

After that, get your tablespoon measuring spoon again.

canola oil

Put two or three tablespoons of canola oil into the pan.

Then, throw the rice into the pan on medium-high heat.

rice for fried rice recipe

Get it all in there for this fried rice recipe.

rice in a pan

Use your spatula to move the rice around. Even if you’re using a lot of cooking oil, some rice can still get stuck in the pan.

After that, grab the vegetables and throw them into the rice.

vegetables for fried rice recipe

Mix all of that around really well and then grab the large egg.


You’ll just be cracking that into the rice, nothing fancy here. After that’s been mixed in, get a tablespoon of soy sauce to throw in there.

soy sauce in fried rice

Next, throw in a pinch of salt. You’re safe going up to about a teaspoon, but remember, there’s sodium in the soy sauce.


After the salt’s in there, throw in the tofu, onions, and bean sprouts.

fried rice recipe ingredients

Mix all that around really well.

fried rice recipe

Doesn’t that look good? We’re almost done, too.


Lastly, throw some pepper in there. You really just need one or two shakes of that.

bowl of fried rice

Check out that fried rice. There’s two meatballs in there as well from a recipe I did the other day.

Notecard Version

1. Chop up and fry 5 ounces of tofu
2. Wash and chop up 3 ounces of bean sprouts, 1 stalk of bok choy, 1/4 of a large onion, 2 medium carrots, 6 onions, and one big shallot
3. Put two or three tbsp of cooking oil in the pan along with three cups of rice. Stir that around for a few minutes and then add in the vegetables, save the onion, sprouts, and tofu on a separate plate, though.
4. Throw the large egg in, stir that around, then throw in the sprouts, tofu, and onions.
5. Stir all that around really well and when the rice is getting brown it will be done.

Did you make this fried rice recipe? Let me know with a review and any tips to make it better?

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