Chili Recipe That You Can Make Fast for Dinner

Chili recipes are a hearty way to stay warm on a cold night. Frankly, I could have this meal any time of the year. especially if I’m camping or something.

In this post, we’re going to go through a really simple and tasty way of making it in about 15 minutes. That’s right, the total time for this meal is just about 20 minutes, not even.

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What It IsWhat It’s CalledWhere to Buy
CookwareInstant PotAmazon
CookwareCast iron skilletAmazon
CookwareCan openerAmazon
CookwareWooden or other type of mixing spoonAmazon
CookwareKitchen scaleAmazon
CookwareButter knifeAmazon
Ingredient30 oz crushed tomatoesStore
Ingredient30 oz dark red kidney beansStore
Ingredient2 tsp Chili PowderStore
Ingredient1 LB cooked ground beefStore

Starting Off Our Chili Recipe

To begin, you’re going to need to put your skillet on the stove.

chili recipe

Set it to medium heat.

chili recipe medium heat on burner

After that, get some vegetable oil to grease the skillet.

canola oil

Pour around 3-4 tablespoons in the skillet.

chili recipe greased skillet

Go ahead and move that around in there so the pan is thoroughly greased up.


Grab your spatula, that’s important. You’ll also need your ground beef.

ground beef

Do your best to eyeball 1 pound of ground beef and cut that out with a butter knife. Grab your kitchen scale, too.

kitchen scale

Load up your kitchen scale with ground beef until you see it say that there’s one pound on there.

chili recipe

I had a little bit more on there than a pound, but that was a good amount, so I figured I’d throw it all in.

The pan doesn’t need to be really hot or anything, but it should at least be close to warmed up before you put the meat in for this chili recipe.

meat in skillet

Cook that in the skillet for a little while, move it around periodically.

ground beef in skillet

Once the meat is completely browned, then you can move the skillet to the back of the stove and turn the heat off.

browned meat

Time to get the can opener.

can opener for chili recipe

Get your first can.


I’m using Happy Harvest Crushed Tomatoes for this chili recipe

can opener and a can

As you can see, I have a can opener with some history behind it. Mine has some weird gunk in it that’s pretty much impossible to get out.

Fortunately, it didn’t get into the chili recipe. After you get the can of tomatoes open, pour them out into the Instant Pot.

Be careful since they might splash. After that, grab your can of the dark red kidney beans for this chili recipe. Make sure that your kidney beans are pre-cooked because uncooked kidney beans will make you sick!!!!!


Grab your can opener and open the cans of beans. You’ll also want to pour out the juice from the cans into your sink. I mean, I guess you could drink it, but that’d be pretty gross.

pouring out a can of beans

Next, pour the beans into the Instant Pot with the tomatoes. You’ll need to do that twice.

pouring beans into instant pot for chili

Once that’s in there, grab your ground beef from the stove.

ground beef for chili

Pour all the ground beef in there. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine sure is for this chili recipe.

You may need to grab something like the spatula to push all the beef into the pot. Make sure that your spatula gets cleaned once it’s been all over the uncooked beef. Once that’s all in there, get a wooden spoon for mixing.

wooden spoon for chili recipe

Mixing around the meat, beans, and tomatoes.

chili recipe mixture

Mix that around really well and then grab your seasoning packet.

I’m using Stonemill Original Chili Seasoning Mix for this Chili Recipe. It looks pretty good, I gotta say.

Pour the entire chili packet in there

I think that I let my chili powder clump up a little too much in this chili recipe and maybe didn’t mix it around well enough. Make sure to mix yours.

chili powder

Once it’s mixed well, press the bean chili button on the pot and set the time for 15 minutes at low pressure.

Instant Pot

Let it cook and maybe stir it around a little in there. Once the time’s up, it should be ready to dish out. It goes great with crushed up crackers and cheddar cheese, too.

Notecard Version of Chili Recipe

Chili Recipe That You Can Make Fast for Dinner

Recipe by BobCourse: DinnerCuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Easy
Prep time


Cooking time




  • 30 oz crushed tomatoes

  • 30 oz dark red kidney beans

  • 2 tsp Chili Powder

  • 1 LB cooked ground beef


  • Cook your 1 LB ground beef in a skillet and set it aside on the stove once done.
  • Dump 30 ounces of tomatoes, 30 ounces of kidney beans, and 1 LB cooked ground beef into the Instant Pot. Make sure kidney beans are pre-cooked or you will get very sick. Mix all of that around with a wooden spoon.
  • Set Instant Pot to 15 minutes on the Bean/Chili setting with pressure low.

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