Pancake Recipe That You Can Make for Breakfast

Pancake recipes aren’t super complicated. Just follow a few major steps and they should turn out okay for you. This article will cover everything that you need to make it and have step-by-step pictures if that’s your thing. You can add in extra ingredients like chocolate chips if you want, too.

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What You’ll Need to Make It

What It IsNameWhere to Buy
CookwareMeasuring CupsAmazon
CookwareMeasuring SpoonsAmazon
CookwarePyrex Liquid Measuring CupAmazon
CookwareLarge BowlAmazon
CookwareGriddle pan, electric griddle, or oven with griddle surfaceAmazon
CookwareLittle bowlsAmazon
CookwareMedium bowlAmazon
IngredientSalt for the pancake recipeStore
Ingredient2 eggs, separatedStore
Ingredient1 cup all-purpose flourStore
Ingredient1 tbsp baking powderStore
Ingredient2 tbsp’s white sugarStore
Ingredient2 cups (16 fl oz) milk, almond or 2% is bestStore
IngredientNonstick spray or butterStore

Step 1 of the Pancake Recipe

Get your big mixing bowl. The first thing you’ll be doing is mixing around your dry ingredients.

big mixing bowl for pancake recipe

Next, grab your whisk. You’ll need that to do the mixing.

Next, grab a 1 cup measuring cup.

measuring cup

Next, get your flour for this pancake recipe. I used some market pantry flour that I bought at Target.


Measure out one cup. Using a butter knife to smooth out the flour usually works best. Alternatively, you could just scrape the top on the inside of the bag as best you can.

dumping flour for pancake recipe

Dump that flour in the bowl and go find your next ingredient, baking powder.

baking powder

In order to measure out 1 tablespoon of that for this pancake recipe, you’ll need your measuring spoons.

Measure that out. You can use the edge of the top of the container to smooth it out in the spoon.

measuring baking powder

Dump it into the dry mix.

dumping into dry mix

After that, get your Pyrex for measuring out the milk.


Get the milk.

Almond milk

Pour that into the Pyrex.

Measure out 8 ounces twice and then dump each into the dry mix.

pancake mix

Here’s the first one being poured, then the second:

pancake recipe

After that, go and find your sugar.


Measure out two tablespoons of that and dump it in.

If you want less sugar in these, you could always just do one tablespoon or even none at all. Having it in there gives a slightly sweet taste to the pancake recipe.

sugar for pancake recipe

Once that’s in there, grab the whisk to mix the everything around for this pancake recipe.

pancake recipe

Mix that around nicely

pancake batter

It should have a nice consistency and not be very thick.


Grab your salt. You can either throw in a literal pinch of it or measure out an 8/16 teaspoon.


Next, you need to get two little bowls so you can pour the egg whites out.

pancake recipe

Then, grab each egg. You’ll be dumping the whites into one of these. You could just skip this step and put the whites into a medium mixing bowl, too.


Crack the egg and then get the whites into one of the bowls. This step can probably be ignored, but I feel like it adds to the overall consistency of the meal. Keep the yolks in the shell.

egg whites for pancake recipe

Pour the eggs into a medium mixing bowl and beat them until they’re white and frothy.

mixing egg whites for pancake recipe

For the next step in the pancake recipe, layer the whites into the large bowl with the liquid mix in it.

Mix that around with the whisk, too. Then, grab the egg shells that have the yolks in them still.

egg yolks

Throw the yolks into the wet mix and whisk them around until mixed in with everything else for this pancake recipe.

heating oven up

At this point, turn on a burner on the stove to medium heat. In my case, I have a griddle built into the stove.

dumping cooking oil

Put something on the griddle to grease it. I used cooking oil, however, if I did it again, I wouldn’t. Cooking oil can get burned on to the parts of the griddle where you don’t do much cooking, like the corners or the sides of it.

I recommend that you use butter for this pancake recipe.

Use a brush or something like what I have pictured in order to spread out whatever substance you use to grease it. Next, grab a 1/4 cup measuring cup. You will use one of these to scoop batter on to the griddle.

Scoop the first bit of batter on to the griddle.

No need to overfill it, either. The amount in there pictured made a nice sized pancake.

pancake on griddle

I probably could have squeezed three pancakes at a time on to mine. Oh well.

pancake recipe

Once you start to see bubbles coming through the pancakes, it’ll be time to flip them.

pancake bubbles

Have your spatula ready to flip them. Be careful not to lose any batter when flipping.

flipping a pancake

There’s a very bubbly pancake.

Stack them up on a plate and add any extras you want like fruit, chocolate chips, ice cream, etc.

pancake recipe

Golden brown. Hope you like this pancake recipe, here’s the notecard version:

Notecard Version

Pancake Recipe That's Easy and Fast

Recipe by BobCourse: BreakfastCuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Easy
Prep time


Cooking time




  • Flour

  • Salt for the pancake recipe

  • 2 eggs, separated

  • 1 cup all-purpose flour

  • 1 tbsp baking powder

  • 2 tbsp’s white sugar

  • 2 cups (16 fl oz) milk, almond or 2% is best

  • Nonstick spray or butter


  • Mix 1 cup all-purpose flour, 1 tbsp baking powder, 2 tbsp’s white sugar, a pinch of salt and 2 cups (16 FL oz) milk together in a big bowl.
  • Separate eggs – beat the whites in a medium bowl until frothy, then layer them into the big bowl’s wet mix. Whisk that around. Then, dump the yolks in and whisk those in, too.
  • Heat a griddle/pan/skillet to medium heat. Grease it with something, butter works great. Take a 1/4 cup and use it to dump batter on the cooking surface. When you start to see bubbles coming up from the batter, then it’ll be time to flip the pancakes with your spatula. Repeat the process until all batter is done and remember to turn your stove off.

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